Labour and Birth Preparation Workshop

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About This Course

To empower and educate parents seeking to have a natural birth in today’s reproductive healthcare landscape.

By the end of this course, you will have learned the following;

  • The anatomy and physiology of normal labour and birth
  • The different management and interventions that are used depending on care provider and location (ie home birth vs. hospital)
  • An understanding of the reproductive landscape of several countries
  • Coping skills to support a vaginal delivery
  • Skills for partners and support teams to be effective birth companions
  • An understanding of your basic human rights in labour and ways to advocate for yourself
  • An understanding of the role and importance of the doula
  • An understanding of what it means to give birth an access compassionate care in the times of covid.


Who is this course for?

  • Expectant parent(s) wishing to plan a natural vaginal delivery for the birth of their child
  • Any support team or partner of a birthing person
  • Doulas
  • Childbirth educators
  • Birthworkers
  • Nurses working in maternity wards or attending home births
  • Doctors, including general practitioners, medical officers, and obstetricians wishing to better support their low-risk patients in having a safe and empowered natural birth


What does this course include?

16 Modules with video lectures, demonstrations, homework, PDF handouts to create your own birth toolkit, instructor feedback, access to the private Facebook group to participate in the community, and more!

  • Lesson One: Introduction and Course Overview
  • Lesson Two: Birth Stories and Dispelling Myths
  • Lesson Three: Overview of the Hormones and Stages of Labour
  • Lesson Four: First Stage of Labour: Latent Phase
  • Lesson Five: First Stage of Labour: Active Labour
  • Lesson Six: First Stage of Labour: Transition
  • Lesson Seven: Second Stage of Labour: The Feotal Ejection Reflex
  • Lesson Eight: The Second Stage of Labour: The Birth
  • Lesson Nine: The Third Stage of Labour: The Birth of the Placenta
  • Lesson Ten: The Golden Hour
  • Lesson Eleven: Routine Management in a Hospital Setting
  • Lesson Twelve: Routine Management in a Home Birth Setting
  • Lesson Thirteen: Common Interventions in Hospital
  • Lesson Fourteen: Immediate Postpartum and Newborn Care
  • Lesson Fifteen: Navigating the Reproductive Healthcare Landscape
  • Lesson Sixteen: Birth in Times of Covid



About Your Instructors

Amanda Busson has been a midwife and an educator for over a decade. As a CPM through NARM, she became a specialist in out of hospital birth management and has a passion for empowering the birthing people of her community to make autonomous healthcare decisions. She believes everyone has the right to birth in the place of their choice with the support team of their choosing. To learn more about Amanda’s fight for accessible midwifery care in South Africa, click here. 

Mandy Lilly is a birth worker who spends her time fighting for compassionate reproductive healthcare on the Garden Route. She has supported dozens of families in her community through their childbearing cycle and hopes to increase awareness and education around reproductive rights. 

Course Content